5 more cafes to visit in Amsterdam

Are you a lover of coffee? If you are, here’s 5 more cafes which you must visit when you are in Amsterdam! These cafes are nicely located at the outskirts of the main Amsterdam city, at the southern end of the Grachtengordel neighbourhood. Check out my previous post on 5 cafes to visit in Jordaan, Amsterdam for more choices!

1. Bocca Coffee


A lovely cup of flat white 🙂

Bocca Coffee serves good coffee and cakes. Their menu is simple – choose either black or white, and a small or a regular cup, and the barista is ready to fluff up a cup of fresh coffee for you. First-timers may be overwhelmed by the lack of “choice” and wondered how to order their favourite latte macchiato or cappuccino. I believe that the menu is all in the barista’s head – I ordered a flat white, and he asked me if I wanted the small or regular cup, and then he got what I mean =)


The bar top area where you can sit and chat with the baristas at work.

What is nice about Bocca is their large space where parents can easily push their prams and bring their kids into the cafe! The bar area has seats for coffee-goers to sit around and chat with the baristas at work. Baristas love to talk about their craft and learn more about the people who visit their cafes! The bar top area facilitates just that!


2. Back to Black

What a name, “Back to Black”? Don’t worry, the cafe does serve black and white coffees, and their cafe is anything but black-themed.


The shop front captures the attention of people, wondering what “Back to Black” means. Can you spot the cat sitting by the window?

It is a very small cafe, and my presence was immediately felt by all when I first enter the cafe. What struck me was a cat that was freely roaming around the cafe, and a child was running around. At the same time, a large table in the middle allowed for people to put out their laptops and work at the table.


Nice latte art ❤

I should have spoken to the lady boss when she wasn’t busy, to learn more about the cafe and her coffee. I like how the cafe is brightly lit by natural light and it feels really comfortable. Definitely worth a visit!


3. Brazuca Coffee

I was greeted by a very energetic and enthusiastic barista as I entered the cafe. It was a nice weather outside that day, and I decided to take a seat in the sun. I do enjoy these moments when I can read a book and people-watch at the same time 🙂


The iconic parrot logo as part of Brazuca’s brand 🙂


4. Scandinavian Embassy (Not a real embassy!)

I bookmarked this cafe on my google maps for a long time without checking out the place, and was wondering why I noted down the location of an embassy. Then I realized that this is a cafe! Located just one street down from Brazuca Coffee, Scandinavian Coffee lie opposite the western end of Sarphatipark.


Oatmeal porridge served with style.

I haven’t had lunch and decided to order a light dish. Oatmeal porridge sounds hopeful (as I did not want a full meal). I was served with this very pleasant-looking purple rice topped with apples, accompanied with generous servings of yoghurt. This is one of the healthiest dishes I have ever eaten in my life. I like the glutinuous rice; purple and icky as it may seems, it does taste sweet to the tongue.


My usual order – the flat white 🙂

I sat at the windows while doing my work, and was the last customer to leave at 530pm although they are open for business until 7pm! This is one of the best things about this cafe (other than its good food and coffee) because other cafes in Amsterdam usually close at 5 or 6pm.


5. Coffee Bru

I’m saving the best for the last – this is my all-time favourite cafe because it served my favourite red velvet cake that tasted really great! I’ve been here twice, but was sad that the red velvet was not available on my 2nd visit here, and I ordered their banana bread instead.


Look at the perfect layers of red velvety cake!

This cafe is always bustling with life, and I would always see (based on my two visits here) parents bringing their children here to play (they have toys for children) while the parents sip their coffee and have cake. I adore this culture I am observing in Amsterdam, because parents in Singapore are usually busy parents who don’t spend enough time with their young children (I may be generalizing). I think a cafe is a nice place to bring your children out and catch up with your friends at the same time (being a parent).


Iconic yellow wall at the back of the cafe =P

I would definitely visit this cafe again before I leave Amsterdam, and I hope they serve their red velvet cake when I am there!! *fingers crossed*


How do you like these cafes? Do let me know if you have other interesting finds that I should check out! Feel free to drop me a message anytime if you would like me to offer some recommendations! 🙂

Till next time,



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