Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2016

Coffee. To some people, it is just about getting their caffeine fix in the morning, or at night when they need to work that extra hours to get things done. To others, coffee is art, appreciation, business, culture, community, and passion. Here in the Amsterdam Coffee Festival, the regular coffee patron can feel all of these at once. All big and small coffee businesses – cafes, roasteries, retailers – gathered in one large expo, giving the people an experience that can be overwhelming!


The first look at the expo when I entered. So many things to see and do!

I was at a loss when I first entered. Where do I start? What should I ask? How do I approach the retailers? My friends and I started walking around to first look at what is in store. There were many coffee and food trucks, and some were retailers selling coffee/barista-related products such as coffee grinder or aprons. There were stalls that sold mouth-watering cakes. There were also coffee demonstrations.


The barista shared how filtered coffee is different from grinded coffee, and gave us coffee samples to try.


Madame Cocos – homemade coconut pastry as a snack to go with your coffee!

The ticket price was €18 at the door, €14 if you bought it online, and €42 for a group of 4. Included in the price, you get a tote bag and magazine from the coffee festival. Most stalls in the expo gave free samples and demonstration; you can get high on caffeine without having to spend a single cent on coffee!


More than just coffee tasting – art finds its place in this expo.


What would you do without coffee? Or without water?

As we enjoy our coffee and celebrate the coffee festival, it is also important to remind ourselves the importance of water in our lives. 50% of all ticket sales go towards Project Waterfall, an initiative to deliver safe drink water and sanitation to the places where the roasteries get their beans – Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia.


“Dutch” Coffee. Do you know the difference between “cold brew” and “cold drip”?

This guy was a smooth talker, and he introduced my friends and I to “cold drip” coffee, claiming that it is a sophisticated method of extracting the flavours from coffee beans.


The “cousin” of coffee – tea!

For tea lovers, there are also some stalls that promote and sell tea here! When baristas get bored, they can turn to tea. It is similar in some sense to coffee. I shall not comment much as I am not (yet ) a connoisseur! =P

Overall, the coffee festival was a great success and I liked the event a lot. Keep in touch with the Amsterdam Coffee Festival’s instagram page to learn more about the various cafes in Amsterdam! Keep a lookout for the 2017 edition!! =D

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