Amsterdam Food Festival 2016

This year’s food festival was held between 24th to 28th March. Am I so glad that I made it to this expo to see how international Amsterdam is when it comes to food, and it was just amazing to soak in the atmosphere of all the food trucks and smells here!

Entrance was free during the week days, but costs €5 during the weekends. In addition, the stalls here do not accept cash or maestro, but tokens for this event.


These tokens cost €2.75 each, which can be split into half. The machines dispensed the tokens in sets of 5, but you can buy them individually at the counters.

I had to walk around the whole area for about 3 times before deciding what I want to eat. There were many food trucks around with different cuisines!


And I finally decided on pork ribs and red velvet! 🙂 This costs me 4.5 tokens in all. 

Yes, I’m a sucker for red velvet cakes 😛 This one tastes really good. I should have asked for their namecard… ah.

More information:



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