Another 5 Cafes in Amsterdam to get your Caffeine fix

Here’s 5 other cafes which you can visit during your time in Amsterdam! Other than Screaming Beans, which is located in a highly popular location, the other cafes may be slightly out of the way for tourists, but still easily accessible by bikes.

1. Roost Koffie


A small, but comfy cafe 🙂

Roost Koffie is located right next to the OLGV hospital, and just two streets down Amstelcampus – where the gym is. It is in a very unassuming and quiet location, serving the local neighbourhood some good cakes and coffee.


€2.90 for a latte, €4 for the carrot cake

Although Google says that the cafe closes at 6pm, in actual fact it closes at 5pm! I stayed till the cafe has to close, doing my work at the table overseeing the street =P 

2. Screaming Beans


A latte and an apple pie costs me €9.50 in total!

It was empty at about 230pm in the afternoon, when my friend and I were at the cafe. Apparently this is a newer outlet of the two, and more people frequent the other outlet nearby. The coffee here is a tad costlier than other cafes…

The apple pie is comparable to Winekl 43 – in my opinion! The crust is thin, the filling is sweet enough, and the apple pie goes well with the cream. It is definitely worth a try!

3. Filter


A cafe located under a hostel!

Filter is just a 5 minute walk from my residence at Prins Hendrikkade 189. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally visit this young and lively cafe – located under an eco-hostel.


The coffee and chocolate cake cost €6.95 in total

This cafe is not a good place to set up your laptop and do your work, but it is a very nice and comfortable place for a chat with your friends over coffee and cake!

4. Sweet Cup


The barista would ask what beans you would like for your coffee 🙂

Sweet Cup is not just a cafe, but also a microroastery. I’m given a choice to choose between the beans that were on sale that day, between Ethiopia and something-else-which-I-don’t-remember… oops! I chose the latter!

It’s a nice small space to have your coffee before/after your visit to the museums in museumplein, as it is just two canals away 🙂

5. Rum Baba


A latte and a cheese and chorizo sandwich cost me €8.20 – €3.70 for the coffee

Rum Baba is located in the outer neighbourhood of Amsterdam, in the east. During lunch hours on a Friday, this place can get pretty crowded. I ordered this cheese and chorizo sandwich and was surprised by how good it can be – hot and crispy, with generous servings of cheese. Rum Baba serves tea as well, for those who don’t like coffee (but who doesnt?!)  I spied with my little eyes, a customer that ordered green tea latte – which is a very rare thing to have in cafes here! Would probably visit this place again just for its GTL 🙂

There you go – another 5 cafes to visit in Amsterdam =P Be sure to check out my previous posts, and you would already have 15 cafes to visit!

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