4 Specialty Burgers in Amsterdam

Do you ever have a craving for burgers? Where can you find good (or avoid bad) burgers here in Amsterdam? I promised myself I would not eat Macdonald’s here in Amsterdam, but sometime in my 2nd month here I broke that promise.


Macdonald’s Angus Burger with thick-cut fries.

The Angus burger tasted good, I must say. And the choice of a thick-cut fries rather than the normal, thin, Macdonald’s fries… this is very different from what we have in Singapore.

The above is just a teaser; I’ve 3 places to recommend for good burgers, and 1 place to avoid. It’s up to you to try them all and judge the tastes for yourselves!

1. DopHert

DopHert is a small cafe that lies just above the eastern end of Westerpark, selling vegan food and products. My friends and I happened to discover this place by Google as we needed lunch somewhere near Westergasfabriek, after the attending the Amsterdam Coffee Festival.


The burger is thick and succulent (without meat though) and the sweet potato fries are delicious!!

I recommend having this Seitan Burger – gerookte tempeh, courgette en citroenmayo (smoked tempeh, zucchini, and lemon mayo) – for €9.50 (the price is a bit steep). the sweet potato fries cost €3; good for sharing! Alternatively, you could also have their DopHert burger (chickpeas and fava beans with tomato compote, sour vegetables, and chipotle mayo) – although I prefer the former.



2. Burgerfabriek

There are currently two outlets here in Amsterdam, with a third one opening soon. I have seen many people frequenting this shop for their burgers, and their storefront and name catches my attention.


The ‘Dutch’ burger. The fries came later when I’ve started on my food.

The plating was unimpressive and not palatable. The fries was only served later, which I wasn’t expecting in the first place (I don’t think the menu stated that fries were included). The buns wasn’t warmed up enough and was more ‘hard’ than ‘crispy’. The beef patty needed more seasoning. This set costs €11. 

Sadly, I would recommend you not to visit this place at all.


3. Lombardo’s

I visited Lombardo’s only once when my friend from Germany visited Amsterdam, and he said that this was the BEST BURGER he has ever eaten.

I had the Dutch Beef Burger for €9. My friend enjoyed the Pork-a-licious (pulled pork burger) at €11.50. At first bite, I thought the patty needed more seasoning. The buns were great – crispy and soft. Overall, the burger tasted really good. Fries not included!


Just look at that fat serving of beef patty.

WARNING: there are enough seats only for 8 customers. Do visit early (at 5pm) for dinner if you wish to have a seat! Takeaways are welcomed, and people do sit outside on the roads to munch on their burgers if the store is full. This shows how good this store is.



4. Cafe de Ceuvel

This is not your usual cafe; Cafe de Ceuvel is an eco-friendly social enterprise cafe that aims to achieve zero-waste in running their business. It is located in Amsterdam Noord, a short boat ride to the north of Amsterdam Central Station.


Entrance to the cafe; looks more like a junkyard.


Seats and tables made from tree trunks or recycled from old boats.




My latte 🙂

What I would like to recommend here is their Weed Burger. The Dutch Weed Burger is 100% plant-based; with seaweed as its key ingredient, the burger is one of the healthiest burger in the world. The patty is made of briny soy shreds and Royal Kombu, a winter weed sustainably cultivated in the Dutch region of Zeeland. The bright green colour of the buns was due to the presence of chlorella. More information about the dutch weed burger can be found here: www.dutchweedburger.com


From top left, clockwise direction: Welsch Toast; Weed Burger; Ratatouille; Scrambled Eggs

As you might have guessed, Cafe de Ceuvel serves vegetarian food. Visit here on a lazy weekend morning for a brunch, or come here for a dinner and participate in one of their (almost daily) evening events!

If you support sustainable eating, do visit Cafe de Ceuvel 🙂


I am pretty sure there are still many other burger outlets in Amsterdam I have yet to try. If you have any recommendations, do let me know!



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