A cafe for everyone – the 20 cafes I visited in Amsterdam

As I was enjoying the warm and sunny Spring weather outside of a cafe, holding a book in hand and sipping on my latte, I can’t help thinking about having to leave this beautiful city of Amsterdam soon. I hope I have explored enough in this city, but new things appear under my radar whenever I search for things to do and eat. Thanks to the recommendations of friends, I’ve tried new places that I have never heard of, and I revisit these places ever so often, to indulge in them before my imminent departure.


Latte at Lot Sixty One

I have been posting my adventures in Amsterdam under the hashtag #iamwjsterdam on my instagram, and catalogued my food and cafe experiences under #foodiamsterdam. Looking back, I realized that I have visited a total of 20 good coffee places to hang out. Not to be mistaken with coffeeshops which are retail outlets that sell drugs (weed, cannabis, mushrooms, etc.) in Amsterdam, these cafes that I list in this post have impressed me in many ways – serving good coffee, having good service, nice space and decor, and yummy cakes!

There’s a cafe for everyone – I hope that this list will serve as a guide to finding your favourite cafes in Amsterdam, like how I have found mine through all my visits!

The list of 20 cafes, ordered by the date of my first visit:

  1. Coffee Company
  2. Two for Joy Roasting Company
  3. Back to Black
  4. Toki
  5. The Coffeevine
  6. Coffee Bru
  7. Koffiespot
  8. Bocca Coffee
  9. Brazuca Coffee
  10. Coffee & Coconuts (CT Amsterdam)
  11. Scandinavian Embassy
  12. Filter
  13. Screaming Beans
  14. Roost Koffie
  15. Sweet Cup Microroastery
  16. Rum Baba
  17. Beter & Leuk
  18. La Purete Coffee Company
  19. White Label Coffee
  20. Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Good Coffee and Good Cakes

  • Toki
  • Coffee Bru
  • Rum Baba
  • Koffiespot
  • Screaming Beans
  • Roost Koffie
  • Sweet Cup Microroastery

Latte and a slice of red velvet cake at Coffee Bru

Almost all cafes that serve good coffee also serve good cakes. Toki serves good chocolate and lemon cakes; I love Coffee Bru’s red velvet cakes, which I learnt that they are actually from Rum Baba’s bakery; Screaming Beans serve good apple tarts, which, in my opinion, were comparable to Winkel 43’s famous apple pie; Koffiespot, Roost, and Sweet Cup all serve pastries and pies to go with your coffee.

Good Coffee and Good Food

  • Scandinavian Embassy
  • Beter & Leuk
  • Coffee & Coconuts

Oats porridge with yoghurt at Scandinavian Embassy

Not many cafes also serve meals to their customers; here are three cafes that have food in their menu, alongside their coffee. Personally I did not try CT’s menu, but I loved Scandinavian Embassy’s Oat Porridge, and Beter & Leuk serves the Dutch Weed Burger! Beter & Leuk is known for their homemade vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free foods – including their cakes. Great for people with special dietary requirements!

Good for People-watching

  • Coffee Company
  • Brazuca Coffee
  • Scandinavian Embassy
  • La Purete Coffee Company
  • Lot Sixty One Coffee Roasters

Having a cuppa on a sunny day at Brazuca Coffee

Sometimes we want to grab our coffee and head outside or by the window, to just bathe in the sun or watch the people that walk by… Brazuca Coffee was too crowded indoors during my visit, but thankfully they have seats outside for me to sit and enjoy my coffee. Lot Sixty One operates in a very small cafe space, and they have benches outside for people to sit and observe the busy street. Scandinavian Embassy and La Purete have the high-seats in front of their large windows that oversee a busy road. Special mention to La Purete, which serves coffee made of beans from Vietnam; they specialize in Vietnamese coffee. There are many Coffee Company outlets in Amsterdam, and you can pick your favourite!

Cafes with the Best use of Space

  • Coffee Bru
  • Bocca Coffee
  • Toki
  • White Label Coffee

There’s a lot of space here in Bocca!

The way which cafes use and decorate their space will affect the way people interact and feel.These cafes are able to use their spaces effectively that makes customers feel comfortable. Coffee Bru has a large table right at the end of their cafe for large groups or families to sit around, and a mix of smaller tables for one to two people. Those who feel like sitting by him/herself wouldn’t feel bad taking up a large table by themselves!

Bocca Coffee has a huge space! Their coffee bar is right in the middle of their cafe where you can sit and chat with the baristas. They have smaller tables around, some with cushioned seats, some with high-seats, up for you to choose. My favourite part of Toki was the wall that was not only used as a partition between the coffee bar and the rest of the cafe, but also used as a table which customers can choose to sit! When you enter White Label Coffee, you are greeted by the main customer space where you can choose to seat at the large, common table, or smaller tables around the space; to your left you would see the shelf of coffee beans and accessories which are easy to reach for customers. The roasting zone is separated from its coffee bar, and the coffee bar is situated “one step higher” from the customers’ seating area. I think the cafe did a good job making use of the spaces despite the “layering” of the space.

To fully understand what I meant in the above paragraphs, you have to visit the cafes itself to find out!

Cafes with the Best Decors

  • Two for Joy Roasting Company
  • Coffee & Coconuts
  • Filter
  • Beter & Leuk

Coffee & Coconuts, shot from the second level at the staircase


The featured art at Filter at the time of my visit

Two for Joy was the first cafe that I visit in Amsterdam, and I liked its decor as it feels very vintage, old, yet comfortable. Coffee & Coconuts has two levels, with a very high ceiling. It has a very modern feel to it, and my friends and I were impressed at how the interior was designed. Filter feels very homely, being situated under an eco-hostel, Ecomama. The walls of the cafe would feature the works of various artists from time to time. Beter & Leuk is more than just a cafe, as it sells fashion items as well. The interior design was like a blast to the past, although the tables were arranged in somewhat awkward positions for customers.

A ‘hotdesk’ for working

  • Coffee Company
  • Back to Black
  • Toki
  • Coffee Bru
  • Roost Koffie

The cat of Back to Black jumped up on me while I was enjoying my book and coffee

Most cafes provide free wifi and you can see many adults and students alike, with their laptops out and typing away furiously or having a skype session. These are my favourite cafes if I wanted to work outside of school and home, as they have comfortable spaces to stay for long and I don’t feel the pressure to leave the space because of a crowded environment. I would usually an additional cup of coffee or cake/pie if I were to stay there for long!

The cafe that didn’t feel like one

  • The Coffeevine

Is this a cafe, or an art gallery? 

Special mention to The Coffeevine, which is tucked away neatly at the end of this art gallery and boutique. It is a very good use of space and a meaningful project to use art as advocacy.


The Coffeevine

Best “All-Rounded” Cafes (my favourites)

  • Coffee Bru
  • White Label Coffee
  • Toki
  • Beter & Leuk
  • Scandinavian Embassy

Coffee Bru’s iconic yellow wall

All in all, these are my favourite cafes that I would recommend you to visit. Of all the 5 mentioned above, I visited Coffee Bru the most, as their latte is consistently good, and I always visit the cafe with the hope that I could have their red velvet cake. Unfortunately they do not follow a fixed pattern on the cakes/pies for the day.

That’s the summary of the recommendations I have for you! Do check out my previous posts on the reviews of these cafes:

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  1. Alex says:

    Omg this is really useful! It really saves me the hassle of finding the good cafes in the cities. Your other travel guides are really good too!


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