In my bag

We love to travel, but we don’t always like packing our bags for the trip. What do I need to bring? Will I be leaving out something that I need? Let’s leave it to the last day before I finally pack…

To pack for the trip of your lifetime, I highly suggest that you do not leave it to the last minute to start your packing (definitely not the day before)! Start early, about a week before, by taking out all the clothes and note the things that you need/want to bring for  your SEP, and when you notice that you needed something which you currently do not have, you will have sufficient time to source for it.

Here’s a checklist of items I prepared for myself, and the things I brought over to Amsterdam from Singapore! Hope it helps you in your preparation!


  • Laptop + mouse
  • Handphone (needless to say)
  • LAN cable and router (did not bring the latter and survived by wifi in school, or LAN cable in my room)
  • Credit/debit cards you can use overseas (In the Netherlands you use iDeal, a special kind of Maestro payment unique to this country. You cannot use your dutch bank account to book for hostels or air tickets online.)
  • Money pouch (I did not have this, but I keep my money separately from my wallet)
  • Extra SGD (if you run out of money later and wish to change to other currencies!)
  • Fork, spoon, mug/cup
  • Travel adapter (bring more than 1!)


  • 2x heat-tech (it was still winter then)
  • 7x long-sleeved tshirt/shirt/hoodie
  • 4x short-sleeved tshirt/polo
  • 3x pants/jeans
  • 1x shorts
  • 1x windbreaker
  • 1x down jacket (which I used most of the time)
  • 2x sleepwear
  • sufficient socks and underwear for a week
  • 2x towels (1 large, daily use; 1 small, travel use)
  • 1x gym towel
  • 2x running shorts
  • 2x running tees
  • Belt


  • Good pair of smart-casual, walking shoes (wearing it)
  • Running/gym shoes
  • Slippers!! (important)
  • Shoebag(s)


  • Body soap, shampoo, face wash (bring 2-3 bottles of your favourite; here they mainly stock the gel-types of face wash which I didn’t like)
  • Face cream/moisturizer (my skin got really dry such that I bought a random house brand in the local stores; if you can, bring your own)
  • Moisturizer (bring 3 bottles of your favourite from SG; I couldn’t find the QV brand that I was used to using)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Lip balm
  • Comb
  • Nail clipper (important!)
  • Shaver
  • Hairspray/wax (the Netherlands does not stock Gatsby, just so you know)
  • Contact lens + solution, spectacle case
  • Toiletries bag to keep all the above (I got a good Deuter one, with many compartments)
  • Small bottles to keep your shampoo and body soap when you travel!

For the good student (optional)

  • Pencil case with all your tools
  • Some writing paper/notepad
  • A file to keep your papers
  • Blu-tack (to paste stuffs on the wall)
  • Scotchtape, glue, stapler, penknife (for craftwork)

Good to have for a more comfortable stay

  • Clothes packing bags (organize your clothes better during travels)
  • Washing bag
  • Neck pillow (during long flights)
  • Good books to read (I brought 2 and bought more)
  • Clothes hangers (especially for your travels)
  • Ziploc bags (big enough to keep clothes inside, small ones for sandwiches)
  • Dettol and Magiclean wipes (to clean my room)
  • Pocket tissues
  • Cap/beanie (keeps your head and ears warm; I bought a beanie here)
  • Scarf (I didn’t bring this though)
  • A soft-toy to keep you company in bed
  • Hand towel
  • Sunglasses (for the summer!)
  • Waterbottle
  • Trashbags


  • Canon 7D (my fave camera)
  • Extra battery pack (important!)
  • 10-22mm (wide-angle shots used frequently)
  • 30mm f1.4 (good for low-light, street shots)
  • ND filter (for harsh, bright daylight)
  • Travel tripod (bring a good one; I brought a lousy, plastic one that I don’t even feel like bringing it out. the streets in Amsterdam isn’t leveled)
  • Chargers (camera, lappie, handphone)
  • External charger for handphone
  • Memory card reader (important!)
  • External harddisks to store photos/data
  • Big ziploc for your camera (especially in very cold countries)
  • Lens pen and cloth
  • Portable speaker (great for get-togethers!)

Things I bought here

  • Washing powder
  • Kitchen rolls
  • Toilet rolls
  • Aluminium foil
  • Plastic water kettle